Projucer Linux specify gcc version

Is there a way in Linux to specify the gcc version to use?
On the command line I can call make CC=gcc-7 CPP=g++-7 CXX=g+ +-7 LD=g++-7 but I’d like to make this part of the actual makefile PJ creates so it can be built simply with make.

Ay ideas?

Looks like the Makefile needs these lines in it:


but there’s currently no way to add them. Would be nice if there was a PJ field for “extra Makefile content”

I can’t test it now but did you try putting the lines in the extra compiler flags in JUCE Linux exporter? I don’t know if it will only eat flags from an already specified compiler or if it will set it up there aswell

I did try that but it didn’t work. The flags need to be at the global level as I think they’re defines for the rest of the file.