Some general questions about Tracktion Engine for building a mobile app

Hello together!

I want to build an app for Android and iOS that basically loads audio files to tracks that are combined to one well-sounding mix. So tracktion seems to be the way to go.

First question I have: Is Tracktion Engine overkill for such a mobile app, for example when it comes to things like performance and RAM consumption?

Second question: It would be nice to play the mix at different speeds (lets say double speed at max) without altering the pitch. I know that Tracktion uses Soundtouch, which is not the best timestretching software out there, but at least the best free software. Whats your experience with Soundtouch? Does it provide a listening experience that is at least “good enough”?

Third question: I suppose that Tracktion converts any MP3 completely to WAV when loading it as a track into the edit. In my case, each track would be 20 seconds at max, so would “load track to edit” be fast in that case or take multiple seconds?

Thanks in advance!

If you call WaveAudioClip::setUsesProxy (false) the file will be played back from the original file without crating a wav proxy so there will be no delay. (At the expense of some CPU).

SoundTouch is provided as the default as its free but you can also use Rubberband which has a separate license fee or Elastique which you can contact Zplane for licensing costs.

Engine is fairly lightweight but I would probably base your decision on how well the API suits your feature set, future requirements and time to market.

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Thanks, that was helpful. Tracktion Engine indeed seems ideal with respect to its features. What a cool project.