Some questions about the analog circuit stuff

Hello :slight_smile: ,

I am really impressed by audio dsp since a decade, when I started doing homerecordings of my bands.
Knowing its hard to learn, I started before several weeks with the juce framework and already have had success to code some simple distortion effects.

Professionally I am a C# developer and have some experience in C++.

My plan how to get more into audio dsp was going on in detail with distortion plugins.
I would like to implement a simple circuit (diode clipper or something similar, maybe there is even something more simple?) to a vst plugin.

I saw the “Fifty shades of distortion” video twice and as a total audio dsp beginner I am wondering about:

  • How to analyze the circuits and set up these equations?
  • Is there a complete and simple example for a circuit using Newton Raphson?

I know why I need and how to use Newton Raphson, but what happens next?

I would be happy about any advice or explanation.

Thank you!

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