Getting Started with my own Plugin

Hello all.
I am new here to the forum and audio development in general. i am a senior in college (CS) and have been producing music for about 10 years so i am very familiar with audio plugins. my c++ is fairly well while my DSP knowledge is very minimal. What should i study up on before diving into the plugin tutorial? Will i need more knowledge of DSP techniques to start or can i rely on juces library for now until i want to add more functionality? i plan on creating a compressor plugin and eventually parametric eq…can these get off the ground with the knowledge of the juce documentation alone? total beginner to the framework so any advice or resources outside of the JUCE documentation is highly appreciated. thanks

Definitely start playing with JUCE a little now to get familiar with some of the basics… and there are already some ‘built-in’ effects you can play around with (have a look at the DSP module). In the meantime I’d recommend having a look at DAFX to start learning some more about DSP.

Yes you can definitely get started using only JUCE’s builtins to make some noise (without knowing much DSP). I recently got started myself and I found it useful to first go through the “Getting Started” section of the tutorials (which also include something about plugins) and then exploring some of the other tutorials according to interest/need.

For DSP, I recommend this class on Coursera:

It’s not specific to audio though, but they teach you the basic ideas from the ground up: fft, filters, convolution etc. and then show how the same concepts can be applied in audio or image processing, compression, communication etc. I took the class around 2 years ago and I would definitely recommend it as a starting point and perhaps in preparation for other more audio-specific resources (which makes me think, I promised myself I should watch those lectures again at some point, as a refresher :slight_smile:)

This is a favourite of the JUCE team:

It’s free, covers all the basics, and is easy to digest.

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