Beginner - what are the prerequisite in DSP?

Hello everyone,

I come from a max/msp background and I’m currently studying C++.
My goal is to build mostly VST audio plugins (effects, synthesizers).

I would like to know if being experienced in max/msp and knowing how to code in c++ was enough to make the most of JUCE or if diving in DSP mathematical theory was a prerequisite.

I also saw the following book : Designing-Audio-Effect-Plug-Ins-Processing

And was wondering if it was worth reading it before jumping to learn JUCE or not ?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

Hello !

There is no prerequisite in DSP to be able to do DSP with JUCE. If you have already some background there, in my opinion you can already start learning all the JUCE basic stuff, how to make a plug-in on the UI side for example. Then, if you don’t know how to do a specific thing in DSP, you might look for other resources eventually.


Just start something! Depending on what you’re working on, you’ll have to learn some (or a lot of) DSP, but cross that bridge when you get there. Trying to slog your way through an entire book before you even start is a recipe for losing interest and quitting. Especially that book - it’s a fine book, but it uses the author’s personal alternative to JUCE, so a lot of what it teaches is done a totally different way with JUCE