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Hello all, I am new to the site as well as the framework. I’ve wanted to get into dsp programming and vst creation for quite some time. I have taken a few C++ courses via udemy; I am currently working towards getting a degree in computer science. I do have some questions since this is my first time getting into this framework.

  1. Are there any good books (free e-books maybe?) that cover programming for digital signal processing?

  2. I’ve installed Projucer but it won’t let me download the live build. Is there a fix for this? (Could it be because I’m a windows user?)

  3. Are there any good video tutorials?

I am glad to be a part of the community, I will be reading over the forum for the next few weeks looking at older post digging for info. Thanks!

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welcome aboard.
Schaum’s DSP ebook (pdf)

Welcome! I highly recommend you join both the JUCE Discord and theAudioprogrammer Discord ( as there is a heap of suggestions made in the various channels over there.

And if you don’t mind delving into some maths, McGill University have a pdf copy of DAFX available (here)


Another free DSP book recommendation:

Good suggestion, I also hang out in JUCE discord.
So I met the theAudioprogrammer guy, a nice chap, but why are people spawning their own servers?
I joined the move from freenode to discord, as it gave a fresh momentum, but I don’t see any benefit of having the same technology multiple times.
@matkatmusic: can these two servers be merged, please?
Or is it a matter of status symbol to run it’s own server, maybe I should think about spawning my own instance? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know when @theaudioprogrammer created his discord server. We have the IRC Forum bot on ours tho. that’s reason enough to only join the JUCE discord lol :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: