Learning to build an Audio plugin

Hi all,
Are there any juce tutorials that use the same class/source structure as the projucer audio plugin ?
I was hoping to implement this algorithm within JUCE.
I know C++ pretty well but audio inside JUCE is a mystery to me.
I looked at the JUCE tutorials but it’s hard to know where to begin especially considering the classes and structure looks different in the tutorial from the starting point in the projucer of an audio plugin. I have built a few plugins in JUCE that are either midi only or use gen~ as a starting point … Coding up DSP from scratch eludes me.
Thanks for your replies .


Check out those video tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpKb02FsH4WH4X_2xhIoJ1A/videos

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Thanks Daniel. Those are great! Wish there was more !