New to audio programming

Hi everyone,

I want to write my own VST's but after alot of searching I just can't get my head around how the basic inner workings are of JUCE for the audio.
I'm familiar with graphics programming for games in c++ but ip until now I only managed to create buttons, sliders, labels and load a file in a File. But how I can use that file I  just can't find, because I'm confused with all the different Sources there are and how they relate to each other.

It would really help if someone could give a link to a good tutorial or pdf about handling audio and what would be even better is how to handle it in JUCE or maybe a layout of how JUCE uses it's audio libraries.

Already a very thanks in advance everyone! ? Martin's Book is a really good read for beginners.

How did I miss that?! o.O sorry.

Thanks alot jules!

1. Maybe you already know that but just to mention that blog that introduces audio programming issues:
( ).

2. The Martin Robinson's book is valuable for newbies with JUCE (like me) but you will not find a lot of materials about DSP stuff and AFAIK nothing about making VST plugins. 

3. For a more advanced tutorial i'm afraid that the only resources i found is open-sourced code sprayed on the web ( ) (Scroll to OPEN-SOURCE JUCE PROJECTS). I spent long time to get all i wanted to know by exploring the julianstorer's social network ( ).

4. A JUCE wiki should be more than welcomed ;-)

My 2 cents.