SOUL generate JUCE vst3 problem

I have been really enjoying using SOUL. The development workflow is so pleasant and straight forward, so I’m hoping to make that my core platform for all future audio development projects. However, I’m having trouble getting the generated JUCE project to create a workable VST3.

Everything builds, but the resulting VST3 fails to load in Ableton with the error “Failed to create the VST3 plug-in “testplugin” The VST3 plug-in could not be opened”.

My SOUL code runs fine using the soul play command line runtime. The JUCE app was generated by running the “soul generate --juce” command and then using the latest version of Projucer to create an Xcode project.

No errors or warnings anywhere. The standalone app build from the Xcode project Projucer created works just fine. I do not have any previous experience with JUCE, so I’m assuming I’m just missing something rudimentary. (I did try having Xcode sign the resulting vst3 file - did not make any difference)

Any help or pointers to other topics in the forum I might have missed is much appreciated!

Thanks /K

Hi, can you say which machine you are on? OSX by the sounds of it, but ARM or Intel?

Hey Cesare, x86 iMac running Catalina 10.15.7, Xcode 12.1, JUCE 6.0.7, SOUL 1.0.69.
Sorry, should have had all of these in the first post!

In an attempt to isolate the problem, I tried generating a JUCE project from the basic SineSynth patch in the SOUL samples folder. I get the same results with that. Are there any additional settings in Projucer I’m missing? I tried setting the plugin channel configuration to various settings matching other sample projects with no difference in the results.

Can’t think of any good suggestions here… maybe go right back to basics and try building the juce demo and see if that works.

The fact that the project includes a bit of soul code is probably irrelevant to the issue you’re having, it sounds more like a general juce problem to me.

Yeah, I was starting to explore that as well to rule that out. Just created the basic JUCE GainPlugin example… works just fine :-/

I’m a bit rusty on the standard list of trouble-shooting things to check when a plugin fails to open, but maybe someone else on this forum could point you at the usual set of common problems…

Yeah, searching a bit deeper this appear to be an issue related to Ableton and VST3… adding an audio in stream to my SOUL patch and configuring one in and one out in Projucer let me instantiate it in Ableton. The keyboard in the plugin window works, but it doesn’t seem to receive Midi input.

One step closer!

…and the last problem was of course just me not clicking the midi input box in Projucer!

Appreciate the patience everyone!

Ah, well maybe the MIDI input flag is something our generator should be automatically setting in the new project… I’ll have a quick look at that

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Jules’ fix is in the latest release on github, 1.0.82

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