SoundWide, Sound Stacks: JUCE & ELK in the fold too one day?

Googling around on JUCE - I saw on a web page that JUCE belongs to Raw Material Software…

Could just be that Jules or ROLI etc havent updated that website to indicate PACE own JUCE now - but I wondered too if - after ROLI and now SoundWide … has JUCE been re-aquired by Jules’ company Raw Material SW in order t be part of his new Sound Stacks company and project?

And in connection - wouldn’t it make for a perfect and logical fit for ELK Audio to be bought into the SoundWide fold too? Specially now it has that low latency box that acts as an internet co-op thing AS WELL as a conventional audio interface. ( seems prime for a buyout by - for example Focusrite if you ask me - so that focus rite can add the low latency internet collab thing to a line of their audio interfaces )

Or is the idea that Sound Stacks will do the low latency OS side of what ELK do anyway? ( ie from scratch )

Just spitballing here. chewing the cud, speculating, daydreaming, time wasting …

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IIRC Raw Material Software is owned by PACE nowadays and not by Jules. Am i wrong?

Please, i would not like to see JUCE to have the same destiny than SOUL. :pray:

But surely SOUL and JUCE do quite different things - or is there overlap?

And what kind of destiny re SOUL are we talking about? has it been mothballed or something?

Ah - if PACE own RAW Material Software - and hence JUCE that makes sense.

I thought Jules might have held onto RMS after selling the JUCE IP to ROLI but maybe ( most likely - I always am… ) I’m wrong

I guess that SOUL is dead, isn’t it? TBH it is not very clear since with non-disclosure agreements and such you have to fill the gap to know what’s going on. When you work on a long-term free software it is always scary to see things going up (and down) so fast. Business time is not hobbyist time. :pensive:

I just checked out that video Jules was on with his Traction team earlier this year. And he seems to be still very focused in DSP land - where SOUL lives as I understand things…

… Which makes me wonder there must come some overlap between what SOUL does and what goes on under the hood in NI Reaktor… so one wonders if the two companies technologies will fuse - or make a baby?

Clearly NI has honed its own non-open source proprietary cross platform library over the decades - but one wonders if NI - maybe for pragmatic reasons ( given there’s going to be more developers out there with JUCE skills than NI proprietary C++ library skills… ) would be prepared/preparing to eventually move over to JUCE?

( I’,m pretty sure NI dont use QT but seem to recall Ableton might… dunno )

Ableton has JUCE in their MAX and Max4Live components - but doubt if Ableton itself will be JUCEd for a long time… a huge burden there ( and for what gain? )