Speeding up Juce Demo in Release build under debugger

Hey Jules…you might want to add this to the MSVC project file for Release build of Juce Demo:


to Project Properties->Configuration Properties->Debugging->Environment

This will make the demo run about 15% faster especially on the opening tab Component (with the gradient animation), can’t hurt to make Juce look better to new users!

Surely it’s more important to have a heap that’ll catch allocation errors…? If you’re running something in the debugger, you’re unlikely to be measuring its performance!

This is just for Release, not Debug. And hopefully no one is going to have to track down allocation errors in the Release build of Juce Demo :slight_smile:

This only affects Juce Demo. The use-case is someone will download Juce, make a Release build of the demo, and run it. If it were me, I would want it to be as fast as possible. Even with a debugger attached. Because otherwise, its not showing the true performance of Juce (since most people, after building a Release demo in MSVC, will press F5 to run it with the debugger).