SplashScreen bug?


I’ve just implemented a SplashScreen object in my app in the recommended way as described in the classes docs.
However since implementing the new splash screen (before, my splash screen was being handled with my own class, but it was buggy) the JUCEApplication::anotherInstanceStarted() function doesn’t seem to be being called after initialise() when launching my app by opening a project file of my app via Finder. The project from the clicked file just won’t load anymore.

Is it possible that the SplashScreen object is interfering with this process and the anotherInstanceStarted() function in some way?

Hmm. There’s a nasty modal loop invoked when you call SplashScreen::show(), which I should remove, as modal loops are Very Bad and could easily confuse startup code like that. I’ve not looked at that class for years - I’ll give it a bit of a clean-up…

Great, thanks Jules.

On windows, setting the splash screen to render with openGL also causes major issues (similar to the plugin openGL problems).

Not a surprise, I’m sure, but it would be sooo nice to have plugins working with openGL.