SplashScreen on Intel Mac

Hi Everybody,
I am trying to bring up a splash screen on Intel Mac, Looks like RGBA’s are swapped. Has anybody else experienced the same problem?

Yogesh Kini

Is this with v1.36? I thought I might have finally got it right in that version…

I attempted to get all the RGB ordering correct on a friend’s intel mac last week, but just before I figured it out, the damn thing overheated and died on me!

In juce_mac_Windowing.cpp, line 190, you could try swapping kCGBitmapByteOrder32Little to kCGBitmapByteOrder32Big… If it works, let me know!

Firlstly, I apologise for posting in the “General JUCE discussion” rather than in
"Mac specific".

Thing work absolutely fine in juce version 1.36. But I am using version 1.26, where only splash screen gives the problem.
Jules, can you give me a quick fix for this problem, Coz me moving to juce 1.36 is quite hard :frowning:

Yogesh Kini

Managed to fix it myself, problem is with transparent windows.
Changed line 285 in juce_Mac_windowing (JUCE ver 1.26) to

hasAlphaChannel() ? (kCGBitmapByteOrder32Little|kCGImageAlphaPremultipliedFirst)
: kCGImageAlphaNone


I’m relieved that it’s working correctly in 1.36!

If you’re going to try to patch the old version, you’d better also try compiling it as a PPC binary, to check that that also works, as the byte-order reversal will probably mess things up, and you’ll probably need some #ifdefs in there like I did in 1.36. Also have a look at the changes to juce_PixelFormats.h in the latest version.