Standalone audio processing application

Hi there,
I’m trying to do a standalone audio app, and as a starting point I take the demo examples.
As a starting point, I try to implement an IIR filter in the example AudioDemoPlaybackPage.

What I figure out so far is that I need to add an instance of IIRFilterAudioSource to the class AudioDemoPlaybackPage.
But here I’m already lost, the constructor of IIRFilterAudioSource needs an AudioSource as an argument, …
and before fiddling around I’d like to ask:

What needs to be added in AudioDemoPlaybackPage.
What needs to be done to actually do the filtering? Do I put a function call somewhere or is everything triggered as a callback by the audio IO?


I’ve found it, by looking at the synth example (part of the audio example demo) and doing the same thing.