StandaloneFilterWindow not in header files

This doesn’t actually appear to be included in the header files by default? Am I missing something?

It’s included in the StandaloneApp class… that kinda makes sense since I personally made more changes in my version of juce_StandaloneFilterWindow than I did in my StandaloneApp class.

Just copy juce_StandaloneFilterWindow to a new version and include that in your StandaloneApp class.


Yeah, cheers Rail, more or less what I’ve done, but it wasn’t the usual JUCE experience…and that getInstance function in the StandalonePluginHolder assumes that the window class is called StandaaloneFilterWindow, which doesn’t look right but I think maybe it’s only used if you’re doing something for IOS.

In my AccentStandalonePluginHolder.h (which is my copy of StandalonePluginHolder.h) I kept the StandaloneFilterWindow class name… and changed the class name StandalonePluginHolder to AccentStandalonePluginHolder… so usage of StandaloneFilterWindow is still okay – I made sure that my code is guarded by



so there are no conflicts.


Oh I see - I was trying to reuse the existing StandalonePluginHolder code …