I’m not sure I understand how to use this. Probably I need to look deeper into the JUCEApplication class, but it’s implied all I have to do is create one of these objects in the initialize of my application and, like magic, it does the rest… creates filter, draws window, etc. except it doesn’t draw. All the pointers appear valid to the filter and what not, and the process is running, messages, etc., but I don’t see anything.

Note that it seems I have to call “setStorageParamteres” first, or I crash in EnterCirticalSection, which may be indicative of deeper issue, but the settings file isn’t being created anyway. Probably I’ve skipped over some stuff in initialize, but I’m not sure what… any hints?

er, n/m, it’s always the most obvious… couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t getting any paint messages and it occurred to me I had to make the window visible first :stuck_out_tongue: