Static_assert failed when allocation AudioBuffer<double> on iOS

When trying to allocate a new double audio buffer (AudioBuffer inputBuffer(1, size)) I run into a static_assert in allocateData() in juce_AudioSampleBuffer.h:1078:9: Static_assert failed due to requirement ‘std::alignment_of::value <= std::alignment_of::value’ “AudioBuffer cannot hold types with alignment requirements larger than that guaranteed by malloc” (which has been added not too long ago).
This is only when trying to archive for an iOS AUv3 plugin, everything works fine for desktop. Is this a bug? Sure it should be possible to have double value audio buffers on iOS?

Well, seems that since commit 85f76d254649e8495208acb42fe60b9d4005d240, when archiving for “Generic iOS device”, it is no longer possible to use the AudioBuffer constructor with channel number and sample size. Instead, use the constructor without arguments, and then setSize(numChannels, numSamples) right after that. Kind of weird, but I have no time to look into this, just happy that there’s a workaround.