Static library unwanted subfolder

If I compile a static library on VS and I set a destination folder for the binary, Projucer will concatenate “/Static Library/” to my destination path so the actual library won’t be placed in my destination folder, but in a subfolder…

What is the rationale for this? Thought to ask before I start modifying Projucer as maybe I just overlook some settings or an obvious reason?

Projucer also do the same for the project file’s name, adding “_staticLibrary”. Why can’t it just leave the naming and destination folder decision on me?

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This reminds me of this thread: Binary Location without 'App/' with MSVS

I don’t know whether it answers your question though.

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ah thank you, that’s exactly what I am speaking of, but didn’t find this thread!

I’m with you. Having a space in the path is a problem with VS as the path is truncated and the .lib file isn’t properly added to the project, forcing me to manually copy the files each time. Did you find a solution? I see this thread is one year old but no fix has been applied yet to the Projucer. Do I really have to modify the Projucer code?

One solution would be to add the path to Extra Library Search Path and define the library file in Preprocessor Definitions. I don’t know why, but in this case the path isn’t truncated on the white space.