FR: Extend use of Binary Location to Binary/Library location

Hi, could this be used to specify Library location for a library and have the library copied to that location?

Failing that, can we have post-build steps added to the exporters that don’t have them so we can move stuff around after build.


I’m not sure what you mean - if you’re building a static or dynamic library the Binary Location field in the build config will copy the built library to the specified path, is this not what you are looking for?

Hi, sorry you are correct. I was looking for the lib but it’s in a “Static Library” folder.

It would be nice if we could specify the folder directly and not have it placed inside a JUCE defined folder (especially one with spaces in it). Is there anyway to specify this? thx

On Windows? I believe that’s the default path

Yeah, it’s windows (not tried on OSX yet). Not sure what you mean by default?

If I look at the files generated by Projucer I can see:
OutDir Condition="’(Configuration)|(Platform)’==‘Debug|x64’">c:\temp\Static Library</OutDir>

If I use c:\temp as the output directory, so isn’t it Projucer that is adding the “Static Library” to the folder that we specify?

Oh right I see what you mean now. This is just emulating the default behaviour when building in Visual Studio - if you build a static library in VS without specifying a binary path the .lib is located in $(SolutionDir)$(Platform)\\$(Configuration)\Static Library so I think it makes sense that the specified binary path will just replace up to the Static Library folder. If you want to move just the .lib to another directory it would probably be better to do it in a post-build step.

ok, that’s fine for windows as it has that step (and what I’ve been using up to now).

I’ll try OSX when I get back to my Mac.

btw, I’ve just tried the android build and the library is definitely not being copied to the specified location.

OSX will just copy the .a to the specified folder as the default build location doesn’t contain a sub-folder like VS. I will have a look at Android and see what’s going on there

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