Static library within a cycling74 Max external problem


i could successfully create a static library with juce 5.4.7, include and use within a cycling74 max external (.dll) using Microsoft Visual Studio 2017, Windows 10 and cycling74 Max SDK7.3.3.

Now i changed the computer and develope using juce 6.1.6, windows 11, Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 and Max7.3.3 or Max8 SDK.
It is not any more possible to include the static library into the cycling74 max project as i get errors like

  • unresolved external symbol “_imp_TZset” (include_juce_core.obj)
  • unresolved external symbol “_imp_endthreadex” (include_juce_core.obj)
    …and more when compiling the max external.

Any clue?
Thank you Thomas