Steinberg closing down VST2 for good


Implement a Max4Live device, I guess?




But I would guess that VST3 support can’t be too far from being added to Live…Unless they have some seriously bad problems going on in their code base.


Yes - I’m amazed there’s no actual news from them on this. I’ve got a potential client who is going to be in a spot of bother unless they sort something out here.

Failing that maybe an Ableton plugin format that looks a lot like VST2 would be fine :wink: Maybe with an MIT license :slight_smile:


Not another format to test, please.


Well it’s not so bad if it’s Ableton. At least it loads quickly (I’m looking at you Avid…)


Would be nice keeping some log about which hosts only supports VST2:

  • Ableton Live
  • ACID / Vegas (* announced VST3 support coming soon)
  • Audacity
  • AudioMulch
  • Ardour (eg. Harrison Mixbus, Podium and forks of it…)
  • Bidule
  • Cantabile
  • DeVinci Resolve
  • Deckadance
  • Goldwave
  • LLMS
  • MultiTrackStudio
  • Native Instruments (Maschine for example)
  • OpenMPT
  • PreSonus Notion? (not sure)
  • Pyramix
  • Reason
  • Psycle
  • Renoise
  • VinylLab (though it seems JUCE based so VST3 can/will? be added)
  • Yamaha’s Vocaloid (though Yamaha is affiliated with Steinberg so I guess it will be resolved)

And that’s only based on VST in wikipedia

JUCE 5.4.0 - all kinds of problems

Plogue Bidule supports VST3.


Where on earth did that name come from !


Sounds like an alien in some cult sci-fi novel :slight_smile:


You can add Cantabile to that list of VST2-only hosts.


Pyramix actually support vst3 since v11.1 so you can remove it from the list


Bidule means “thingy” in french :slight_smile:


You can also add Windows Audacity.


Does this mean it’s illegal to build an app without a licence that can host VST2 as well?





Damn that’s a major PITA. Thanks


I wonder if they’re actually going to go after anyone


Apparently so.

Must say steinberg are right off my christmas card list…


IANAL so take this with a massive grain of salt. This project is binary compatible with the VST2 API, it doesn’t require the Steinberg Headers, and it’s licensed under MIT.

Whether or not you can advertise a downstream project as “VST2 compatible” using something like that is probably questionable.