Steinberg closing down VST2 for good


Unfortunately part of the VST2 terms and conditions is that you cannot “reverse engineer” the SDK to offer something equivalent. I suspect that applies to any language.


And you can’t use their logo or anything associated with VST in any form (like VSTi) without a license (for marketing or on your website).



What happens if you reverse engineer someone elses implementation of VST2 - wouldn’t they need a patent to deal with that :slight_smile: Especially if that implementation was reverse engineered by someone who had never signed up to the original VST2 agreement…


Good luck proving that’s the actual chain of events in a court of law.


Why the complaints tho? there was ample time to sign up. The notice went out several months before the october cutoff and all it took was an email to get them to send you a license…


I know the deadline to sign it is long past, but if anybody has a copy of the VST2 License Agreement PDF handy I would be deeply appreciative if you could PM it over to me. Having trouble finding it…


You can find it here:


Let us know the outcome of applying late, I’m sure there’s a few people here who are thinking of doing the exact same!


Its definitely worth a go. Make sure you explain your situation clearly, state why you need the VST2 license and tell them that you will also release VST3.


Ah thanks so much!!! We actually already have a VST2 agreement so we’re not applying, I just needed to double check something.


You can email them and they’ll email you a copy of the scanned/fully executed agreement.



The reason I missed the deadline is because I wasn’t involved in this sort of work until a month or two ago so I didn’t see anything. I emailed Steinberg and they just said that they are no longer granting VST2 licences.


How long does Steinberg tend to take to write back? I sent them the VST3 license agreement a month ago, with a couple of follow ups, but I haven’t had any response at all. Apart from the automatic confirmation that they have received my email…


I got mine after a few days. They were pretty fast actually.


Thanks. Maybe I went into a spam filter… I’ll try from a different email address.


They took a week to reply to me


Just received my VST3 license, took about 5 weeks. Guess they are kinda swamped by so many requests these days.


I sent them the papers via email in the middle of September, asked three times what’s going on and after two months got the answer they apologize for delay. But next three weeks have just passed and still no answer :slight_smile:


OK, that must be it. I’m up to 4 weeks of wait so hopefully I’ll get something soon :slight_smile:


I sent the signed PDF agreement to them at the end of September. I’ve heard nothing from them about the actual agreement being accepted or not. I guess the silence may mean they’ve decided to reject…? Would be appropriate from them to send some reply in that case too. :unamused: