Steinberg VST3 Validator Error

When I run my Plugin in the VST3 Validator by Steinberg, the validator which usually needs a few seconds for all tests gets stuck for a frew minutes at:

[Process function running in another thread]
Info: ===Process function running in another thread ====================================

after the time it took to do this test the test succeeded, so I have no error to find…

I dont have any other DAW or plugin host opened where the plugin could be running in.

Afterwards, it also gets stuck in

[Silence Processing]
Info: ===Silence Processing ====================================

Edit: the plugin also passes every test in pluginval with strictnesslevel 10

Edit 2: use AudioBuffer::makeCopyOf instead of copyFrom for correct buffer sizes if you encounter this issue.

Do you see this issue with any of the JUCE example plugins, or only with your own plugin?

I’m unable to repro this issue with the AudioPluginDemo, DSPModulePluginDemo, or ReaperEmbeddedViewPluginDemo, although I do see some validator failures. I’ll try to get those fixed.

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It was only my own plugin. Hitting the plugin with buffersizes of 0 in pluginval could expose those bugs I think. Cubase always calls the processBlock with a buffersize of 0 when there is silence in the track.