Step by step install guide for Juce

Hi Guys,

I have extensive knowledge of windows and have a vst plugin building and running just fine on that platform.  On the mac however, I am a complete noob, and totally intimidated.  I have the use of a macbook pro running OS X 10.9.4, and have installed Xcode 5.1 which is another area of intimidation. 

I have copied the entire project to the mac, and unleashed Xcode on the generated project.  It stops fails immediately with message /Applications/ failed with exit code 3.

I have not yet installed Juce on the mac as I have no idea where to put it.  Is there an idiots guide somewhere I can read, or could someone make suggestions as to what I should do please.

I have just installed Juce from git, and tried the extras JuceDemoPlugin = which fails wirh Rez error 3.