Simple Question: How do I start?


I’m new to audio plugins and pretty new to programming. I tried using steinberg’s vst sdk without much success. I downloaded the Juce sdk, but could not compile for example the “JuceDemoPlugin.xcodeproj” in the extras section. All i did was open the project and compile. I did not adjust anything so that might be a problem, but I could not find a tutorial. I got the following error:

Command /Applications/ failed with exit code 3

All i want to do at this point is have something compile and work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have Xcode 4.41 which apparently is a problem.

Maybe this is a better question: I have a MAC, i have XCode 4.4.1, what kind of plugins could I make easily without all of this nonsense? I just wanted to make plugins and instead I’m spending hours trying to get things just to compile with no success.


Try this thread: