Stereo VST appearing as Mono

A user reported an issue with a few plugins including GVST GLow and Flux Bittersweet V3. I have reproduced the issue with GVST GLow.

In previous versions of my app, Audio Plugin Host (juce version 3.1.0) and Reaper, GLow appears as a stereo plugin.

In my app and the latest juce develop, GLow appears as a mono plugin.

Any idea what’s up?

Can you re-configure it as a stereo plugin? It could be that the default is mono.

Right-click on the plug-in box in the juce “audio plugin host” and select “Configure Audio I/O”.

Is there an easy way to get the old behavior back? It seemed pretty smart about have the plugin in the best channel layout.

I don’t understand: if the plug-in reports mono as it’s default layout then you can either respect that or easily override this yourself. In your host, simply check if the plug-in supports stereo and switch to stereo if it does.

I’m trying to update my host to the latest version of juce without changing the behavior of any of my users projects.

With old juce, if a plugin reported itself as mono default (like GLow), it still ended up as stereo somehow. Just wondering if there was a way to still get this behavior or what the behavior was. Did it set all plugins to stereo?

Yes, as I said, it’s easy to get this old behaviour: simply change the channel layout to stereo when creating the plug-in if it supports that layout.