Strange problem with the TextEditor


I’ve got a strange problem with the TextEditor. When I hit the letter ‘f’ (or ‘F’ ) the TextEditor act as if I’d have typed return (which is quite annoying because I use it to enter hex values).

I tried to look at the TextEditor code, and in TextEditor::keyPressed, the test :
else if (key.isKeyCode (KeyPress::returnKey))
return true. But I didn’t go further.

I’m using juce 1.17 on macintosh.

Best regards,

oh my god, you’re right - sorry about that! It’s a typo - in juce_mac_Windowing.cpp, line 675 should read:

76, KeyPress::returnKey,

…no idea how I managed to type “3” instead of “76”…

Ok, not a serious problem then.
Thank you for your reactivity Jules !