String toTitleCase Globalization


So I created my own simple toTitleCase function… but it’s really only good for English… since it just capitalizes the first character of each word…

String toTitleCase (const String& theString)
    String szTitleString;

    bool    bFlag = false;

    juce_wchar c;

    if (CharacterFunctions::isLetter (theString[0]))
        c = CharacterFunctions::toUpperCase (theString[0]);
        c = theString[0];

    szTitleString += c;

    for (int i = 1; i < theString.length(); ++i)
        c = theString[i];

        if (! CharacterFunctions::isWhitespace (c) && CharacterFunctions::isLetter (c))
            if (bFlag)
                c = CharacterFunctions::toUpperCase (c);

        if (CharacterFunctions::isWhitespace (c))
            bFlag = true;
            bFlag = false;

        szTitleString += c;

    return szTitleString;

Checking out Microsoft’s page on their TextInfo.ToTitleCase Method they also have similar issues with their algorithm. Since I’m linguistically challenged, I was wondering if anyone who speaks a language other than English would care to list the words or the rules which would apply to globalize this function… for (any) other languages?

If you check out the “Remarks” on the Microsoft page: you’ll see what I’m talking about. (Sorry tried using the BBCode url keyword to fix the link, but it doesn’t seem to work correctly).




That is such an insane challenge, I’d advise against doing this yourself…

International Components for Unicode, though old and crufty, does all of that for you… Definitely faster to go that route than figure it out yourself. Plus, that library does all the internationalisation you would ever need…


Thanks, I’ll check out their Case Mapping functions.