Stripping out Webkit entirely

Hi all,

I see posts about disabling Webkit at runtime but it is not clear how to avoid any linkage whatsoever. Webkit appears to be a hard requirement within (at least) juce_gui_extra.cpp.

If possible, I would like to understand how to eliminate the Webkit requirement for an embedded prototype I’m working on. It’s a drag to push over 3GB of web browser libraries and code onto an embedded device for an application that will never require it (unless, of course, it is a hard requirement for GUI primitives which-- OK, but why?).

Thanks tons in advance

Doesn’t the preprocessor flag JUCE_WEB_BROWSER=0 work?

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Ah, it does-- I missed where it was a preprocessor flag! Thanks!

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If you are using Projucer, you can also disable it there:

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