Supporting higher sampling rates by down/up sampling

I wonder what best practices or turnkey solutions are there in JUCE for supporting high sampling rates by doing downsampling, carrying out signal processing at a lower sampling rate, and then upsampling the result.

I am trying to squeeze out every drop of power from the CPU, and am satisfied with the quality of 48 kHz signal processing. So I’d like to support 96 kHz and higher rates by just downsampling the input etc.

I can natively handle 48 and 44.1 kHz. So I only need down/upsampling by factors of two. I am familiar with the theory of up and downsampling, but I’d like to avoid implementing everything myself from the ground up, hence the request for your input.

I’ve been eyeing the dsp::Oversampling class, which seems to contain everything I need, it just seems to be wrapped up with a different use-case in mind, and I’m not yet sure I can shoehorn it for my needs.

I’m curious if you’ve had this problem, and how you solved it.