SVG bug

some SVG´s I have do not render correctly using Drawable (although all these SVG are displayed correctly in all my SVG-reading apps).
When I save them as PNG files and render them in Juce afterwards, they are rendered correctly. So something is buggy in the SVG rendering.

What kind of problems are you seeing?
I’ve done extensive work rendering SVGs in JUCE and have been very impressed with the accuracy of JUCE’s rendering (not a simple job!).

That said, do a search in the forum for other people having problems, as there have been reports. It seems that much of the problems stem from the way the svg files were generated.
I did all generation in Illustrator, not InkScape, and haven’t had problems. Yes, i’m doing some pretty complex stuff, too…

Do you have an example SVG?

Yeah, that’s a bit of a vague bug report - I’m not psychic!

I do know that there are some problems with layering that have been mentioned before. To fix them requires a total re-write of the way it builds up edge tables, which is why I’ve not done it yet.

Jules, I just sent you one of the buggy SVGs, so you can check that out if you’ve got the time. As written, it’s not so bad, because one can still use PNGs instead.