Synchronized Interprocess Communication

JUCE offers Interprocess Communication, which is very nice, but I would like to have some kind of ScopedLock object for IPC.

Would it be difficult to create some kind of class that works like this:

ScopedLock(const String &name);

This would, if there is none, create some kind of synchronisation object referenced by “name”. Then it would just lock it like a CriticalSection, and if other processes would try to access that lock at the time it still exists in process1, they would have to wait.

I have never used IPC, but it is very important for my application to have some kind of lock like this.

Would this be hard to implement?

did you see the InterProcessLock class?

Thanks :oops: I was already implementing my own class now … You really thought of everything in JUCE, that’s very nice!

Hi Jules,

In the same register, is there an implementation of “Condition Variables” in Juce?
I’m looking for something like

Else, is there another way to make a synchronous call through a pipe? I.e. sending data to another process and waiting for its answer before returning the current function?

That just sounds like a WaitableEvent to me…

Given that InterprocessConnection inherits from thread, can’t we just use the usual wait()/notify() mechanism ?

In case it’s useful for someone else, WaitableEvent worked like a charm…