Syntax error in juce_audio_processor.cpp / 5.0.2?

After encountering odd behavior testing an in-progress app that’s working fine on Mac under Windows 10 (first time trying since updating to 5.x), I decided to go back to first principles and verify that things are installed cleanly, etc. On my Windows 10 VM with VC 2015 installed, I have:

  1. deleted my old JUCE directories
  2. re-cloned master from github
  3. opened the JuceDemo app in VS2015
  4. Hit build.

The build breaks on a syntax error (C2059) on line 691 of juce_audioprocessor.cpp , which is the second line of:

for (auto q : managedParameters)
jassert (q == nullptr || q == p || paramId != getParameterID (q->parameterIndex));

Everything builds and runs cleanly under Xcode on macOS.

See this thread JUCEDemo MS VS 2015 (32 bit) Build Issue (which was also mentioned in Build error in AudioProcessor::addParameter jassert() on windows)

Thanks – thought I searched but obviously not hard enough.