TableListBox in JUCER?

Any support for the TableListBox class in Jucer?

My guess is that there is no direct support, but that I would add a New Generic Component in Jucer and hook it up that way? That’s fine, just checking to make sure I do it the way think is best.

P.S. OMG I love the “relative to” layout options. What an intelligent way to deal with that.

It’s a bit of a difficult one to design graphically, but I’d like the new version to offer more stuff like that.

Ah, well, the new version will do much more than that - all coordinates can be relative to any other, or a proportional distance between any two other coords. And there are horizontal and vertical markers, which can, of course, be relative to other markers… It’ll be very flexible!

I’d be happy if all the standard component classes were just listed in a “New” operation somewhere (maybe a combobox on the generic form), so that “the” way to add one was more obvious, and then complex components like this ones could just be a layout rectangle for their bounds with the same New Generic Component info. Assuming the answer to my question was that it’s New Generic Component that I should use for a TableListBox?

Excellent! It was already very flexible, now I guess you will have it doing yoga. :smiley:

Yes, that’d certainly be better than nothing! At the moment, yes, you should just use the generic component object for it.