More GUI Widgets

Jules, am just curious, but when will Jucer be able to create Components with all the GUI bits and pieces that Juce offers?

Not 100% sure I understand the question - do you just mean that there are a few widgets missing from the jucer? If so, requests are welcome for ones that people would find the most useful.

I mean, for instance, Tables and Listboxes are absent from Jucer. I think Jucer is fantastic and it saves a great deal of time. It would be handy having the ability to access more components in Juce. 8)

tables and listboxes are a bit tricky, because they require lots of callback code and model classes to generate the data to go in them. How would you imagine that they’d work?

Yeah, I guess it could be a bit tricky. However, in Jucer, would it not be possible to just place a listbox or table so that it’s position and size is done, and then once the gui is set, the models can be setup feeding the table and listbox its data in the coding environment? Just an idea.

You can do this at the moment by putting it in as a “generic component”. I guess a good compromise would be a slightly more specialised handler that can set up some properties for it too, like colours, etc.

One other suggestion, in Jucer, could it be possible to add an option to change the font type and size in a TextEditor?

Yep, I’ll add that to the to-do-list