The Jucer

Hey I am a little confused, the Jucer doesn’t seem to allow me to add List Boxes and other general components that are defined in the code.

Also how would I go abouts adding my own custom components to the Jucer?


We’re all waiting impatiently for the Jucer features to reappear in the IntroJucer / ProJucer.
Until then, the Jucer is heavily outdated and not maintained anymore IIRC - so it’s kind of pointless to go about that direction.

I still use it, but actually only to generate boilerplate code for auto-resizing layouts, and replace that with my own stuff successive.

You can use custom components with the Jucer, but that’s a little tricky.
Your component has to be compatible with one of the component classes handled by The Jucer (same constructor signature and same set of getter/setter), and you enter your class name into the “virtual class” field.
I do these regularly with Button derived components.