Just getting started

I’m looking to make a VST/AU/RTAS plug of our desktop app and this looks very promising.
I’m also the GUI Designer so before I decide to purchase this I need to see if I can make things like I want…8)

So a few intro questions:

  1. To do my main plugin screen, do I just create a New Component in Jucer and add sub components?
    If so, I don’t see a table view Control like in the Juce Demo and I need 2 of these for our plugin.
    Plus, it seems to be missing other things for creation so I was wondering if it is actually where you create the main GUI or if there is another builder.

  2. Is it possible to change the foreground text of a tree view in this Design view?

  3. I also, need to change the look of the combo box. I have a dark colored app and need lots of control over the colors to make it work and white just doesn’t work…8)

  4. I’m getting an “Error writing file…” when I try and save telling me it can’t find the required Jucer template files. How can I fix this?

That is all for now.
Looking forward to trying this out more!


  1. Not 100% sure, but for the table I think you need to manually implement TableListBoxModel (i.e. in C++)
    2 & 3 : Have a look at the LookAndFeel class :slight_smile:
  2. Go to the jucer’s options and set the template path to somerthing like “<juce’s location>\juce\extras\the jucer\src\templates”

Well, I guess should have posted this in the “The Jucer” forum. Didn’t see that before…8)
Feel free to move it.

  1. Ok, now that I found the “Edit Background Graphics” section with the ability to add rectangles it looks way more complete now as a GUI designer…8)
    Wish I could preview that Tableview in it tho!

  2. and 3. Ok, I’ll have my coder sort that out and tell me where to change things around to match our look and feel.

  3. Got that going now! Thx! I never downloaded the full package. I just had “Jucer.exe” only before.