TableListBox right click cell after left click cell is ignored

I have a TableListBox and a right click menu, I’d expect this to do the trick however if a cell is left clicked then right clicks to that cell never register. The only time right clicks register is when a new cell is right clicked. Usually users expect to left click to select something and then right click for options.

Am I missing something or is this a bug?

virtual void cellClicked (int _rowNumber, int columnId, const juce::MouseEvent& m) override
    juce::ModifierKeys modifiers = juce::ComponentPeer::getCurrentModifiersRealtime();
    if (modifiers.isPopupMenu())
       // runFolderMenu();


I suppose I’ll have to use a Mouse listener instead.

hmmm, I wrote this forum post last night but this morning it seems to be working after a reboot. It definitely didn’t work last night, so maybe it’s a Mac OS glitch. That does make sense as I’m sure it was working fine for the last 2 days before noticing the issue last night. I’ll keep an eye on it.