Taskbar and flags

I’m trying to hide a window from the taskbar.
Following julian’s comments, I overrided getDesktopWindowStyleFlags() in my window (which inherits from a DocumentWindow).
So, I can set all the flags as I want, except for the windowAppearsOnTaskbar flag.
According to the comments, I should call DocumentWindow::getDesktopWindowStyleFlags() and then remove ComponentPeer::windowAppearsOnTaskbar from it.
It doesn’t work.
I think the problem could be in
where by default the windowAppearsOnTaskbar flag is set.

Or am I missing something?
All the other flags work perfectly.

It doesn’t matter whether TopLevelWindow sets the flag or not, if your overridden method clears that flag before returning it?

Ok, I digged a bit more.
Looks like using a native title bar is messing up with the flags.
Here’s a sample code. Just Unzip the file in the “extras” folder.
This affects windows only.

On windows I don’t think it’s possible to use a native titlebar without it also appearing on the taskbar…

Alright. So could it be possible to add another flag in juce to make the window a WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW, like this post explains?

The win32 code already uses that flag, but not if it has title bar, because if you turn it on, it changes the appearance of the title bar. I guess that’s not necessarily a bad thing, I might try it and see what it looks like.

Thank you!
It’s not a bad idea. I see a lot of software that uses this kind of windows.
It comes very handy when displaying, for instance, plugins editors (see cubase).

I attempt it without obtaining no result.
español: yo lo intente sin obtener ningún resultado.

I’ve checked in some code that does this now if you want to try it.