Test on new computer?

So I have my plugin working on my MacBook and it’s working perfectly.

How exactly can I transfer it to my windows desktop to test? I’ve tried sending the .vst3, .vst, and .component to my windows desktop but Reaper doesn’t pick them up and they show up as file folders.

I set it to build release in Xcode.

Do I need to build it on my windows desktop as a .dll?

Absolutely. XCode builds for Mac Os, to get binaries that work on Windows, you need to build them with a Windows compiler, for most practical purposes on Windows. (There may be convoluted ways to cross compile, but it would just be additional trouble that Juce/Projucer isn’t going to help you with.)

I myself have 3 build environments on 2 computers : On a Macbook I have XCode to build for Mac Os as well as a virtual machine that runs Ubuntu Linux to build for Linux. On my desktop machine I have Windows with Visual Studio to build for Windows.

All right. Already in the process of doing that. Thanks!

+1 for bootcamp on the mac as well.
If you are starting out then I would also use Ubuntu(linux) on the Raspberry PI(and mac or pc).
Google are getting involved with the Raspberry Pi and I am betting the next release will be even more significant than the current one. The current Pi is a full on computer in it’s own right for less than $50 and it has additional general purpose GPIO that can control all sorts of wonderful sensors. You can add a multitouch screen for an extra hundred or so.
Most computer operating systems are so heavy that you have to keep upgrading your computer. Ubuntu has the opposite policy and will only become more significant in such a wasteful world where the average person is getting poorer in the name of economic growth.

What’s the best way to switch over to visual studio? Can I just open up the projucer file and launch in Visual Studio IDE?

I’m getting a lot of errors when compiling.

I am no programming expert, but start with a JUCE demo and make sure that works on both systems. After that you should be able to transfer the code across fairly easily. Can you give an example of the error. You can pm it to me if you don’t like airing your laundry.

I did that and it did fine. Actually there’s just one problem. In juce_CharPointer_UTF8.h, line 150, it says

read access violation.
this->data was nullptr.

I’m copying my code to a new project one block at a time to see what’s causing it.

Found the problem. It was one if statement setting a button toggle state. I just rewrote it and it worked.