From Windows to Linux

Hi everybody !

I have an application which is almost finished, developed on the Windows platform, and I would like to compile it on Mac OSX and Linux. For Mac OS X, I don’t have too much fear, because I have used XCode once, although I will have some things to change on my code…

But on Linux, I have no idea about what I will have to do… Sorry for my lack of information, but someone can tell me with a few written lines how I can compile my Windows based code with Juce on Linux ? For example, if you know a good Linux distribution with a soft like XCode, that will be very useful for me…

Thank you very much !

first off, avoid the IDEs. It’s all just unnecessary pain.

What you need to do is download premake, and compile it. Put the compiled app in a place that is reachable by your $PATH.

Take the JUCE demo app, and look in the linux build folder.

copy that folder to your project directory, preferably keeping teh same tree structure as that’ll make it easier to bring together all three platforms into one unified tree.

using an editor of your choice edit the .lua file in the build directory. All you’ll want to change is the three lines that refer to the package name such that they match your apps name. Then modify the include paths to be the directories in which your source files are located. Save the .lua file, and exit.

now delete the .make and Makefile files. If runpremake is not currently executable, do a: chmod u+x runpremake

now just do: ./runpremake to rebuild your make files.

and: make CONFIG=Release

to build your app.

FWIW: I’ve had way more problems getting up to speed on OSX, but that’s partly 'cos the UB stuff is hurting my head, and partly because I use a 3rd party SDK that really seems to love pissing off both gcc3, and OSX.

Thank you very much for the fast reply, I will do what you’ve written :wink: And I only use the Juce library, it’s for an application (not a plug-in), so I think I can hope not to have too much problems :smiley: