Text Editor "caret" weirdness

Using JUCE tip!

Just noticed this.

Clicking inside a text editor or double clicking a “Label” to show a text editor unveils a yellowish pixel that keeps on blinking in the top left corner of the editor. The blinking rate is not the same as the editors caret blinking rate!(bit slower) This magic pixel disappears when my text editor looses focus to another text editor only, at which point the pixel appears in the newly focused text editor.

Also, I have my text editor in a tabbed component and this pixel is still visible/blinking when I change to a different “empty” tab.

Check it out. Make sure I’m not seeing things here.


The crazy pixel disappears when I put another “Windows” window over my Juce Application window and bring it back to front.

I’m on Windows XP.

That must be because of this:

I didn’t notice it before, but you’re right, it is just about visible! I’ll continue this on the other thread…