Text editor feels clunky

Has anyone else feels text selection in the text editors is not up to par with other editors (I'm on mac os)

things that I have noticed :

1. When you triple click on a word it should highlight the whole line. But JUCE does some extra flickering before it highlights the text.  The selction is gone for a fraction second and then it comes back

2. continuously clicking really fast  on a word makes the selection constantly flicker. Other editors keep the text hightlighted.

3. The whole selection seems to lag more than other editors, sometimes when I triple click it complety skips the word selection and goes straight to the line selction.


I think the flickering is the biggest thing though  , has anyone else noticed this?


Is this still an issue / does it occur in the latest version?

Sorry I did not see this post. But yes all of these are still issues. There is also another issuse where text slighty moves down when you highlight.

The version I am on has the last commit on oct 28. So pretty recent.