Textbox, combo etc. don't accept turkish chars


(I’m very excited about JUCE!)

Premade JudeDemo, or my compiled version don’t accept turkish
characters. But PinkLemon binary is ok. I looked PinkLemon’s source and
given vcproj file. Couldn’t find the reason.

Any hints?

Using Mingw, Code::Blocks, xp.

Hakki Dogusan

really? It’s all unicode, so should be fine. Can you post an example of some turkish text so I can try copy-and-pasting it?


Small: ığş üöç
Capital: İĞŞ ÜÖÇ


Hakki Dogusan

ok, ta. I’ll have a go.

well I can copy-and-paste those characters into the demo app here with no problems…(?) Have you tried copy-and-pasting as well, or just typing it directly with the keyboard?


I was typed directly.

Now tested copy-paste of Turkish Chars:
To JuceDemo

  • from PinkLemon: not ok
  • from notepad: ok

To PinkLemon

  • from JuceDemo: not ok
  • from notepad: not ok

In “HelloWorld” sample

  • if I put these chars in “T” gcc gives:
    converting to execution character set: Illegal byte sequence error.
  • if I put them without “T” it compiles, but chars are not ok again.

Hakki Dogusan

Pinklemon’s quite old, so is probably using ascii rather than unicode, which makes it a bad example to use.

What key combinations do you have to hold down to type the characters?

Ok. I didn’t know.

My keyboard has Turkish-Q layout. So, no special combination is necessary.
But these chars generate extended ascii codes:

[ı] -> 141
[ğ] -> 167
[ş] -> 159
[İ] -> 152
[Ğ] -> 166
[Ş] -> 158

I also can generate them with Alt+141, etc.

Hakki Dogusan

ok, well it’s probably a side-effect of the scary hacks you seem to have to do on windows to process key-presses. I’ll try to emulate it and see what I can do.


The problem may not be windows only.

I compiled Juce and demo on Ubuntu(Dapper).
Unforunately I can’t enter Turkish characters.

Hakki Dogusan


Is there any news :oops:

What can I do to solve this problem? Where to start?

Hakki Dogusan

I couldn’t figure out what was wrong - on my machine other apps seemed to get these characters completely wrong as well.

If you want to play around, try looking in juce_win32_Windowing.cpp, at the WM_CHAR messages that come in - that’s where the key presses arrive from Windows.