TextButton text font colours are inverted in projucer?

It seems that when making a text button in the projucer, the text colour (normal) and text colour (on) are actually mapped the wrong way around! So, in the projucer GUI, if you set the text colour (on) to black, then in generated code, it is actually assigning black to the textColourOffId !!

Could easily be a typo in there - have you looked into the projucer GUI editor code that’s being called?

yep, looks like a typo

class TextButtonHandler  : public ButtonHandler
        : ButtonHandler ("Text Button", "TextButton", typeid (TextButton), 150, 24)
        registerColour (TextButton::buttonColourId, "background (normal)", "bgColOff");
        registerColour (TextButton::buttonOnColourId, "background (on)", "bgColOn");
        registerColour (TextButton::textColourOnId, "text colour (normal)", "textCol");
        registerColour (TextButton::textColourOffId, "text colour (on)", "textColOn");