TextEditor + AU + AULab not responsive


This problem seems very similar to the problem with the TextEditor users were having in VST interfaces in Live on Windows. At least the behavior is exactly the same.

In AULab I can click around and highlight in my TextEditor all I want, but I’m unable to enter or delete text. Has anyone else run into this problem?



Just an update: the PPC version of this AU works fine in DP5 running in Rosetta. And the I386 version works fine in Logic Pro 7.2.3.

Also, I have a version of this same AU with a Cocoa view, and all my text inputs work just fine there.

Any ideas? Or at the very least, has anyone compiled a list of software, platform, and plugin architecture combinations that work and do not work?

Thanks again, guys!

Ok, so AUs aren’t getting keypresses. I’ll see what I can do.

I can confirm this problem too.
Cannot get keystrokes into my plug-in when it is in AULab, Logic 8 works fine. This might be an AULab with Juce plug-in problem.

When I’m testing my component in AULab I use the text editors’ pop-up menu to paste text in from notepad or something like that.

Hey Joe, hope all is well. :slight_smile: