TextEditor - Text Colour by Enablement


Since the TextEditor can hold many sections with different colours, I was wondering how can I, say, change the opacity of the text when the TextEditor is disabled.
I looked at the LookAndFeel methods and the TextEditor’s paint method and there’s nothing I can find there… It seems like the drawing methods are in internal classes.

It just looks weird… When I disable my content component, all of the text in ComboBoxes and Labels is dimmed but the text in the TextEditor remains unchanged.

Anyone have an idea?


You could change the alpha of the whole component with Component::setAlpha()?

This way I will have to treat TextEditor specifically in my LookAndFeel…
I am changing the controls’ background and outline colours according to enablement… Setting a different alpha only to the TextEditor will result in a different background and outline colours…

Anything you can change in Juce to fix it? Other controls are changing their text colour (0.5f alpha) according to enablement… I believe unifying such behaviors is important, of course its probably not at the top of your priorities :slight_smile:

Yeah, not a very high priority for me… (And TBH in a lot of situations, other people won’t actually want the colour to change like that)