ThreadWithProgressWindow title positioning

…is not centered

[attachment=0]small bug.png[/attachment]

Sorry, I can’t reproduce that…?

did you checked on windows, just a normal ThreadWithProgressWindow on windows vista 64… (also with latest tip)

just verified, seems to be windows only

Yes, I was using windows, and it was fine. I was using the example in the demo app - have you tried that?

demo works too, but if you try exact this code (from the comments) you get the issue

[code]class MyTask : public ThreadWithProgressWindow
MyTask() : ThreadWithProgressWindow (“busy…”, true, true)


void run()
	for (int i = 0; i < 1000; ++i)
		// must check this as often as possible, because this is
		// how we know if the user's pressed 'cancel'
		if (threadShouldExit())

		// this will update the progress bar on the dialog box
		setProgress (i / (double) 1000);


		//   ... do the business here...


Thanks, will sort that out today.