Throughput level in juceDemoPlugin

Is it just me or the throughput level slider in juceDemoPlugin is not doing anything? Shouldn't it change the overall volume (over and above the velocity)?


Those are the lines in PluginProcessor.cpp where this slider's value is used (lines 253-255)

    // Go through the incoming data, and apply our gain to it...
    for (channel = 0; channel < getNumInputChannels(); ++channel)
        buffer.applyGain (channel, 0, buffer.getNumSamples(), gain);

Hmmmm.... I just tested this. Works for me. The expected behaviour is that the gain will change the volume of the audio that comes into the plug-in. It shouldn't change the volume of the synth.

Right...! That's what was meant by the "incoming data" comment, sorry and thanks!

For other distracted user that may have the same problem, the fix to have the gain applied to everything is simply to move the applyGain() call after the renderNextBlock() call...