Titlebar's long text string is not fully painted

Hello All.

I am using juce for GUI purposes. Till the date I found all answers from forum itself, So thank you all for such a great work.

I am currently stuck up with following: :frowning: Need help Friends …
I want to show long text string in titleBar of documentWIndow.
when i use setUsingNativeTitleBar(true); I can see my full text is shown with window styled titlebar. But I want to use juce lookandFeel added titleBar, so i use setUsingNativeTitleBar(false); and now i can’t have full text on titleBar. Only half of text is visible ending with three dots(…) , Please tell how can i overcome this problem ?

I also want to put titleBar’s Icon on very left and text to show in center, please also suggest about this one also.

Also i want to add clock kind of facility which can show me updated time in second (as text string only) . How can i achieve regular update of time every second and display in titleBar…

THank You.

If it runs out of space, then it’ll obviously truncate the string, but do you mean that it’s truncating it when there’s actually plenty of space left?

Sounds like you need to write your own lookandfeel anyway, if you want to customise an icon, clock etc for it. Have a look at LookAndFeel::drawDocumentWindowTitleBar()

TitleBar have lots of space to draw rest of the text on it but it shows only half text ending with three dots(…).

Actually in starting of application i show small string only. But later i update it with updated String like
"ApplicationName +"\t"+ ApplicationVersion + “\t” + otherText"… Now when i use “\t” titlebar only shows text till (50%) it’s width.
And when i don’t use “\t” and just show big length string… Text is shown till (75%) of titleBar’s width.

I will try with LookAndFeel::drawDocumentWindowTitleBar()…